3 Reasons Why Most Weight Loss Diet Plans Fail

July 13, 2010

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A diet is a plan, generally hopeless, for reducing your weight, which tests your will power but does little for your waistline.~Herbert B. Prochnow

1) The lack of commitment and desire to lose weight: many say they want to lose weight, when in fact they don’t. Most just want to complain about their weight problems because they know it is a lot easier than actually losing weight.

Losing weight isn’t rocket science. Eat less, exercise more pretty much sums weight loss. All people that I know who managed to lose weight told me the same thing. Losing weight is actually pretty straight forward, but getting yourself to the point of total commitment is the trick. If you aren’t committed to losing weight you won’t succeed.

I’ve heard lots of people barging about being on an a diet, and the next second ordering an extra large chocolate sundae. They had the seed of the desire to lose weight, but it hadn’t fully developed yet.

2) Unrealistic weight loss goals: unrealistic weight loss goals make it almost impossible to follow through with your weight loss diet, regardless how good and healthy it might be.

Healthy weight loss is of about 5 to 10 pounds per month. At the beginning of each weight loss diet you can expect to lose a whole lot more weight. This is due to the novelty of the weight loss plan and how that affect your body. But your body will soon adapt itself, and you will see smaller weight loss results as time passes. Plan for this to happen and find ways to keep yourself motivated, especially during the dreaded weight loss plateaus.

3) The weight loss plan you chose isn’t good for the long haul: if you chose to use a crash diet you won’t be able to use it again and again until you get your ideal weight. Usually if the crash diet doesn’t bring the desired results from the first run you stand little chances of ever getting those results using that diet.

Crash diets are meant to be used just in cases of extreme emergency, when you just have to lose weight fast. For example when your sister decides to get married with a perfect stranger she just met 2 week ago. Losing weight fast is your key objective then, and turning to some questionable diets might be excusable then, but not really.

My advice to you is to never ever use crash diets. Pick any healthy diet with a diet plan that stretches for months and you will get the weight loss results that you want. Plus you get to better your health not harm it.

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