Fast Weight Loss Tip: Develop A Healthy Relationship With Food

Nothing is worse than the feeling of guilt after you’ve had the pleasure of food. When you’re on a fast weight loss diet, it is common to feel deprived, to feel tempted, especially when you the treats you love are the ones you shouldn’t be eating so much. Like chocolate, or ice cream, for the ones with a sweet tooth.

weight-loss-food-relationship.JPGGuilt is the ultimate buzz-kill of deviant behavior, but when we stop allowing ourselves of our favorite treats, it also becomes dangerous. It’s like coveting rich cheese, but getting wholesome hummus instead.

If your guilt and your tendency to ‘cheat’ on your diet is the only thing separating you from achieving your weight loss goals, then you really need to reassess yourself. Chances are, you’re not developing a healthy relationship with food.

Remember: There is no ‘bad’ food, and there is no need for food restrictions when you know your limits. It’s okay to eat your favorite treats, but don’t go overboard.

Be Mindful

Moderation is key. We can learn to indulge in the taste of food, and savor each bite’s smell, texture and taste. In moderation, you can enjoy the food you love.

When you deprive yourself of the food you crave, you begin to see that food as ‘bad’, and put in into the forbidden category. It’s a slippery slope. One push, and you’re downhill.

On the other hand, when you allow yourself that treat, but in small, portion-controlled amounts, you eliminate the feeling that you are being deprived of something, and you continue to enjoy the food.

This is part of the reason fad diets and crash diets don’t work in the long term. Because most fad diets restrict a particular food group, it becomes harder to stick to the eating plan, and that is why once you stop the diet, the weight gain is almost doubled.

Move on

While developing a healthy relationship with food takes some time and practice, it will become second nature to you once you get used to it. Thought the idea of fast weight loss is tempting and may be all you need to start dieting, take in mind that any food is not forbidden and it’s not something you should be feeling guilty about. 

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