3 Classic Cold Remedies: how to cure a cold by eating healthy food

October 7, 2009

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There are many traditional and modern ways to cure the common cold. Here are 3 ways to cure a cold using 3 healthy foods. I know you already know then and you should eat them more often, especially if you have a cold.

1)Garlic: is one of the best food you can eat while you are having a cold. Even scientific studies have proven the fabulous common cold fighting capabilities of garlic. An ingredient found in garlic, allicin, fights against viruses and helps reduce the symptoms of the common cold. Garlic also speeds up the time it takes to recover from a cold and drastically reduces your chances of ever getting another cold soon.

During the study the people that ate garlic suffered less because of the outside cold. They also rebounded back to full health much faster than the other test subjects, regardless of what food supplements they took.

Allicin is released when you chew and breakdown the garlic clove. So for the best results avoid swallowing the garlic clove whole. You also have to not cook the garlic because allicin is destroyed by heat. Allicin helps your white cells reproduce at a faster rate. More white cells make your immune system even stronger, which is always a good thing in the fight against the common cold and any other diseases.

You can eat one garlic clove every couple of hours while you are sick to get all the health benefits of garlic. If you cannot stand eating raw garlic you can try taking some garlic based food supplements.


2)Chicken Soup: is also a classic cold remedy. The reason why chicken soup can help you cure a cold is because all the saliva you make while eating the soup. A tasty hot soup will help you make more mucus and eliminate it faster. Your body secretes and uses mucus to fight against bacterium and viruses. It is an integral part of our immune system.

A simple thing you can do to make the chicken soup even more potent against cold is to add raw garlic in it. They go fabulously together and make a cold killer combo.

3)Vitamin C: is a fabulous antioxidant that destroys free radicals on sight. Free radicals can be responsible for lots of health issues and diseases. Eating food rich in vitamin C is always recommended. Oranges, mandarins, lemons and all citrus fruits are super rich in vitamin C.

Doctors prescribe us eat between 2 grams to 4 grams of vitamin C at the first cold symptoms. That way you give your immune system a super boost that will help it fight against viruses better. A big glass of fresh orange juice is a fabulous cold remedy.

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