Broccoli and Cabbage are Fabulous for Your Immune System

July 2, 2009

Diets & Nutrition

Some vegetables are anti-cancerous. Broccoli and cabbage produce while it is chewed and in the digestion process substances that can stop the growth of some cancerous cells.

The scientists from Berkeley advise you eat more frequently broccoli and other similar vegetables because they strengthen your immune system. If your body has a strong protective shield it can avoid getting all kind of nasty diseases.

The substance eliminated in the digestion process by broccoli or cabbage is especially good when it comes to fighting breast and prostate cancer. That substance prevents the division of sick or cancerous cells and helps increase the number of white cells which protect your body against infections. So that substance has a double action, it is a double edged sword that protects you all the time. A string immune system can destroy cancerous cells.


Dark green vegetables and those that are in the same category with broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower reduce the chances of men ever getting prostate cancer. The Journal of the National Cancer Institute points out the major role that vegetables and fruits in a healthy alimentation. It points out that based on studies and research broccoli and cabbage have lots of benefits for your health.

Another miracle ingredient found in these vegetables was found to help fight off rare dermatological diseases. Your skin will look great if you eat more dark green vegetables.

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