5 foods you should eat daily

One apple a day keeps the doctor away

Apples are rich in vitamins and minerals, especially vitamin C, A and calcium, pectin. According to traditional Chinese medicine the best plants, fruits and vegetables to eat are those from the region where you were born. So you can exchange the apple with other healthy fruits from around your area if you still live at your birth place. If you are going to eat apples you should also know that they are a yang food recommended to be eaten in the morning. Apples are a good substitute for coffee because they do the same job at jumpstarting your metabolism. One apple daily will energize and prevent cancer.

One clove of garlic

Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, recommended garlic regardless of the smell. Garlic helps cure digestive diseases, respiratory problems and infections. Also today we know that garlic is useful at lowering the cholesterol level and keeping it in check. Also garlic has antidepressant properties too. Scientists have shown that eating one clove of garlic daily reduces the risk of breast cancer by 78% and that of liver cancer by 80%. Garlic is also a powerful antioxidant protecting your body from free radicals, fighting off aging that way. The benefic effects of garlic are due to allicin, the garlic component that is a powerful antibiotic and antioxidant. To activate the allicin you have to mash the garlic or cut it finely. Don’t swallow them whole.

Green tea

Green tea, the preferred beverage of Zen monks, has many healthy effects on the human body. Green tea is a good at fighting infections, and it helps reestablish order in the bowels after an antibiotics cure by balancing the local bacterial flora. People suffering from cardiovascular diseases should drink green tea because it is a good anticoagulant and it also lowers the cholesterol level. By lowering the mouth pH green tea prevent s the spreading of bacterium and dental decay. It has been proven that green tea contains an anticancer substance and is good at preventing cancer. Find out more about the health benefits of green tea.


Red wine

A study has shown that the French even if they eat very fatty food, have a heart attack rate 3 times lower than the Germans because the French drink 5 times more red wine. The explanation lies in the fact that red wine contains polyphenol and tannins that are powerful antioxidants. They also help lower the cholesterol level. Recent studies seen to indicate the fact that red wine helps prevent Alzheimer disease and the rheumatic inflammations of the joints. It is recommended to drink one glass of natural red wine daily. It is best to drink the glass after dinner when the absorption is much slower.

Virgin olive oil

The benefits of using virgin olive oil daily aren’t reduced to the good taste that it gives salads. The polyunsaturated fats contained in olive oil are extremely good and necessary for your body. A recent discovery related to olive oil makes it so that it is a reliable help in treating and relieving chronic inflammatory diseases, like the majority of degenerative diseases.

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