The Fountain of Youth: the how to stay young for longer guide

October 7, 2009

Exercise & Fitness

We all wish we could stay young forever. Unfortunately time is unstoppable and it is always working against us. But there is one simple way to slow its effects on our bodies, a real fountain of youth. Do you want to know how you can stay younger for what will seem forever? Well the answer is simple: exercise more.

Working out frequently, or doing lots of regular physical activities, is the true fountain of youth. Exercises will help you look younger and be healthier. By exercising you keep your body in top physical condition. You will be full of energy and you will be able to achieve all your life goals.


Frequent physical activity will drastically reduce your chances of ever getting sick. This is the main benefit of exercising frequently which helps you stay younger. If you don’t get sick you will be able to enjoy life more. Also your body won’t have to undergo extensive periods of recuperations and repairs which leave it weakened a little. Frequent physical activity is the fountain of yourth.

By working out you will avoid most common colds and other minor health problems. Even if you get a cold you will get past it very fast. You will also prevent chronic diseases associated with old age like diabetes, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, depression, arthritis and in some cases even cancer.

Don’t be a couch potato. Couch potatoes don’t have strong muscles that make their metabolism faster. This means that they will get faster a lot more easily than someone that exercises frequently. Unfortunately obesity doesn’t come alone, it brings a lot of other health problems related to it: heart problems, high blood pressure and more pressure on your bones. Couch potatoes also have frailer bones, increasing the likelihood of fractures in case of a fall.

If you have an active life, full of physical activities and workouts, you will strengthen your muscles, burn the excess fat away and increase the endurance of your bones. By having well developed muscles and tough bones you will exert less pressure on all your internal organs. This in turn will increase the efficiency of all your internal organs which will help you stay healthy for longer periods of time.

During a workout you raise your energy level. Regardless of how intense a workout may be you will always get a surge of energy form it in the days following it. Do aerobic exercises 2-3 times a week and your heart will be much healthier, your lung capacity will increase and the blood from your body will flow easily. An intense workout will also increase your metabolic rate turning your body in a fat burning furnace.


By increasing your muscle mass and maintaining it with the help of frequent workouts, you will increase your endurance and life span. You will also be able to work out for longer periods of time at high intensity levels which means that you can enjoy life more. You will have a body capable of any feat that you desire. Just make sure that it is safe and that it won’t have long lasting bad effect for you.

If you want to stay young forever you have to stay fit all the time. You cannot be on a fitness rollercoaster. Avoid losing weight, getting fit than fat again and then fit again. This is very unhealthy. The best way to keep your weight under control is by increasing your muscle mass and maintaining it constantly by exercising frequently. Workout more all your muscles, don’t focus only on some of them. A good idea is to strengthen your back and abdominal muscles as fast as possible. That way you will avoid back and posture problems in the future like kyphosis or lordosis. If you already suffer from them you should start doing kyphosis or lordosis exercises to alleviate them.

Frequent physical activity will keep depression away from you. You will constantly be in a good mood and the small bad things that happen around you during the day won’t affect you at all. You will be much more happy with yourself and you will enjoy life more.

Our bodies are made for daily physical activity, exercising and working out. If you want to dip yourself in the fountain of youth, you will have to work out more. Stop being a couch potato and start exercising if you want to stay young for decades and decades to come. Live life to its fullest.

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