10 Important Food Facts That You Should Know

1) A fat and salt rich diet has an elevated risk of coronary affliction

2) In average a third of cancer cases can be prevented by a change in diet. A diet rich in dietary fibers and whole wheat also low in fat can prevent a number of tumors among which colon, stomach and breast tumors.

3) Fertility experts state that an unhealthy diet rich in fats, sugars and some types of processed foods which are lacking in nutritional substances can lead to infertility and increase the risk of miscarriage.

4) A fat, sugar and salt rich diet that leads to weight gain increases the risk of obesity. Excessive weight besides increasing the risk of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, infertility and cancer it is also associated with infertility, low self esteem and lowered physical and mental performance.

5) An unhealthy diet increases the risk of depression and mood swings. Also it’s associated with PMS, uncontrolled craving and anxiety.

6) A diet with a high content of additives, preservatives and refined sugar can cause a short attention span, hyperactivity and aggression. The reason is that foods with a lot of preservatives and refined sugar have a low chrome content which is lost in the refining process. Chrome is necessary for regulating blood sugar; if this is out of control behavioral disorders may appear.

7) A low calcium diet, an essential element for maintaining the skeletal system, increases the risk of fragile bones also known as osteoporoses.

8) A diet low on nutritional substances puts the liver under enormous strain. The liver has an essential role in a good digestion and vitamin and mineral absorption. For an optimum health the liver needs to function at its highest capacity. The liver can’t manage a large quantity of saturated fats or alcohol, which can lead to liver and kidney disease.

9) A diet with excessive sugar consumption may lead to a high glucose level , which can diabetes mellitus . The symptoms are thirst, frequent urination, problems seeing, fatigue and repeated infections.

10) An extremely poor diet in nutritional substances can affect the immune system in which case the body becomes vulnerable to sickness. We need a constant and balanced feed of vitamins and minerals essential for maintaining the immune system in a functional state, so that it can offer protection against infection and sickness.

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