Weekend Workout Plan: Get the most out of your weekend workout

February 1, 2010

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You know that you should make time for a regular workout routine, and not just because you are not satisfied with your figure but because it has a positive impact on your mood. You might think that you don’t have enough time or office and house work is to hectic for this but don’t forget you have the weekend when you theoretically have 2 free days. Don’t think it’s not enough. It’s better than nothing if you keep some things in mind and make a proper plan of attack. So plan your weekend workout.

It may seem more efficient to do 2 separate workouts on weekends but the truth is that you’ll challenge your musculature more by dividing it into 2 equal parts. Here are some ways to conceive your partial workouts.


Alternatively train your lower and upper musculature

Try to do some back, triceps, shoulder and calves exercises on Saturday keeping the bust, biceps and thighs for Sunday. This way you will be sure to include all the muscle groups in your workouts

Alternatively do tractions and pushes.

If you go for this program you will work in a day your bust, triceps, shoulders, arms, and calves and your back, biceps, thigh and abdomen in the next.

Plan your workout

Saturday try to work out your back, triceps, shoulders and calves and Sunday exercise your bust, biceps, thighs and abdomen. This way your musculature will be equally solicited.

Do aerobics to stimulate your metabolism

What are aerobic exercises? In general they are any exercise which include movement such as walking, running or bike riding, which stimulate cardiac functions, increase oxygen intake and contribute to preventing chronic afflictions. A good 30 minutes aerobic workout is great.

If you feel fit you can do a series of aerobic exercises for 30 minutes, after each workout session. But if you tend to gain weight quickly 40-50 minutes would be more recommended.

Don’t forget to warm up

Last but not least don’t forget to warm up. Many of us have a tendency to ignore it but warming up before a workout session helps avoid muscle pains

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