The health benefits of dietary fibers

Lately, especially in the ultra modern societies, the excess eating of certain nutrients has created an increase in different diseases. Some disease can almost be thought as epidemic considering the high percentage of the total population that they afflict. Some of these diseases are: cardiovascular diseases, sugar diabetes, obesity, breast and colon tumors.

Dietary fibers are good for the health of your body because they can give a helping hand in preventing all the above mentioned diseases. They also help you get a more balanced and healthy nutrition too. To get your daily recommended intake of dietary fibers you need to eat lots of fruits, vegetables and cereals. All these foods are healthy, being full of vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients.


Whole grain cereals are full of dietary fibers and help lower the level of cholesterol in your body. That way your cardiovascular system will stay healthy for much longer and your heart will be grateful and repay your healthy nutrition habits. A fiber rich diet is very important to reduce health issues related to the cardiovascular system.

Different sources of dietary fibers are cereals, vegetables and fruits. Meat and animal products don’t contain any fibers. So reduce the amount of meat you eat and start eating more fruits, vegetables and whole grain cereals.

Overweight adults that are borderline diabetics or even are sugar diabetics must eat more foods containing dietary fibers, especially whole grain cereals. Eating whole grain cereals can attenuate the glycemic level.

If your goal is to lose weight dietary fibers are great. Dietary fibers create the sensation of satiety, making you eat less. Dietary fibers get digested very slow by your body so you will also eat less often. Besides that dietary fibers contain a very low caloric value, almost none.

The insoluble fibers, like cellulose, absorb the toxins form your body and help your body eliminate them. That way you will clean your body of cancerous substances that get piled in your intestines. The purpose of the dietary fibers is that of speeding up the digestive transit. By doing that all the unnecessary substances that you have eaten are removed much faster form your body.

Find out The recommended daily dietary fiber intake.

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