What to eat to burn fat away: how to eat negative calorie foods

How many times have you asked yourself the question: “I eat almost nothing, so why don’t I lose weight?”

Well we’ll analyze the main food categories and how you must eat them if you want to lose weight. Also there is a proper way to introduce negative calorie foods in your daily menu to ensure they can do their fat busting role.


  • – it’s not recommended to drink to many liquids while eating. Excess liquids makes the gastric juice more diluted reducing its effectiveness in digesting the food and eliminating the waste. It is good to drink during a meal one half glass of red wine or a small glass of water.
  • -beverages should be served at room temperature. Cold drinks influence negatively digestion.
  • -to calm down your hunger and avoid overeating you should drink a glass of water 15 to 30 minutes before eating. Or you can drink a tea.
  • -you must drink at least 8 cups of water every day if you want to lose weight. But drink it between the meals and in the morning when you wake up.
  • -here is a list of recommended beverages: plain old water, green tea and other teas, fresh natural juices made of fruits and vegetables found on the negative caloric food list.


  • -they are eaten alone between the meals and not as dessert after a meal. Fruits should be eaten with moderation because they contain sugars that are fast absorbed by your body.
  • -avoid mixing fruits or mix fruits that are from the same category. As an example you can mix oranges with lemons and grapefruits. Or you can mix strawberries with raspberry.




  • -should be included in every meal in small quantities, especially the negative calorie vegetables.
  • -eat before every meal a small raw salad.
  • -it is much more healthy for you to eat vegetables specific to the zone where you were born and raised.
  • -onions they might be smelly but they are the queens of the negative calorie vegetables and play a key role in eliminating excess water.

Fatty foods:

  • -stay away from saturated fats found in processed foods. In your cooking try to use virgin oil, especially virgin olive oil, but still in small quantities.
  • -eat in small quantities fats that are good for your body. You can get them form dairies and fish meat.

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