Vida Guerra’s Diet and Exercise Routine: Bootylicious Babe!

January 13, 2011

Celebrity Weight Loss

Cuban-born model Vida Guerra first gained attention for posing in the magazine FHM, and since then, she’s been blowing minds away with her petite figure and tight tush. Here, the 5 foot 3, brown-eyed beauty spills on maintaining that lean and toned body of hers, and why she thinks voluptuous women are sexier.

"A lot of guys like girls with curves. I mean, personally, I think that women who are more shapely are kind of like ‘in’ now. My curves, particularly my butt, are what I get complimented on the most." She says. "To maintain my curves, I don’t really diet, but I do watch what I eat, and I eat 4 to 6 smaller portions instead of three big meals a day. I try to work out at least 3 times a week and I drink a lot of water."

Vida-Guerra.jpgVida Guerra’s diet involves the intake of 4 to 6 mini meals per day containing lean proteins, vegetables, and fruits  to maintain her blood sugar level at the normal range while keeping the energy levels up. Actually, this diet also helps in increasing metabolism and at the same time, lessens the dieter’s hunger pangs.

On the other hand, Vida Guerra’s exercise is done for at least three times per week specifically done in the gym. Her routine involves jump squat exercises to tighten and tone her famous back side.

Vida Guerra’s exercise also helps in tightening and toning up the mid section or the abdomen better than crunches or other ab-concentrated workouts. At the same time, it helps burn a lot of calories and increases metabolism.

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