Vivica A. Fox’s Diet and Exercise Tips: Lean, Toned and Healthy

January 13, 2011

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Vivica A. Fox sizzles onscreen with her magnetic presence and great acting chops, but the 5 foot 7 actress, famous for her roles in movies such as Independence Day, Soul Food and Kill Bill: Vol. 1, is one foxy lady who knows how to melt hearts away with her penetrating gaze and toned body. Here, she dishes on her tips on perfecting that figure, and spills on how her curves has made her feel sexier.

"I’m a woman, I like having curves!" She states. "When I was filming for Kill Bill I had to lose weight,  I got a little thin, I missed having meat on me. I’m very particular about my eating and exercise habits, I try to be as healthy as I can."

vivica-a-fox.jpgVivica A. Fox’s diet follows a low carbohydrate, low-sugar eating plan which encourages her to consume lots of greens, fruts, nuts, lean proteins and healthy fats while keeping carbohydrate consumption at a minimum. 

"I think my only indulgence is Merlot. I gotta have my glass of wine." She shares.  "But aside from the occasional popcorn at the movies, I’m more of a veggie and fruit person. I’m body-conscious that way."

For Vivica A. Fox’s exercise routine, she does Billy Blanks’ Tae Bo Cardio program that concentrates on movements that can stimulate the burning of calories and toning of the body. It can produce quick results especially those that do this consistently. Vivica A. Fox’s exercise routine involves doing the routine for 40 minutes that contains challenging and fast moving movements.

Furthermore, for those who are inclined in martial arts movements, this cardio program will be a lot easier to do plus fun while burning a lot of calories or fats at the same time. When Vivica did her role in Kill Bill, she had to train for the first three months, for 7 hours per day. 

"I try to keep my work out routine simple." She says. "I run on the treadmill for about half an hour, then I lift some weights and do sit-ups and push-ups."

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