Amy Smart’s Diet and Exercise Routine: Get that Model-Like Figure

January 13, 2011

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Blonde belle Amy Smart proved to be an acting gem in Felicity, and after a star-turning role in Varsity Blues, the 5 feet 6 inch beauty will have you fall for her with her dazzling screen intensity and Pacific ocean-like aquamarine eyes. This former ballet dancer also has a rocking body that adds to her overall appeal, which the star credits to her healthy eating and exercise habits. Judging from her stellar acting skills, there’s certainly more to come from Amy Smart.

"Being in this business makes you aware that young kids look up to you, that you have the power to influence people." She says. "So it’s a rule that you have to take care of yourself, like don’t do anything that’s going to have a bad effect on your body."

Amy-Smart.jpgAs a former fashion model, Amy is no stranger to the demands of being thin, but this star knows her way to achieving that fit figure without starving herself sick. Amy Smart’s diet follows a portion controlled, vegetarian diet. This eating plan encourages her to consume only plant-based foods while excluding all meat products, even dairy, from her diet.

“Vegetarianism is a way of living consciously on the planet.” She claims.

Amy Smart’s exercise routine consists mainly of Cardio Barre, a gentle ballet cum barre class that helps her maintain that well-toned physique.

"Oh, I’m no stranger to ballet." She says, laughing. "I’ve done ballet growing up.

Additionally, Amy also attends a kundalini yoga class, which combines mantra from the Sikh scripture, the Guru Granth and proper breathing exercises  with meditation and movement. 

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