Traci Bingham’s Diet and Exercise Routine: From a former Baywatch Babe

January 11, 2011

Celebrity Weight Loss

Former Baywatch babe Traci Bingham is blessed to be born beautiful and sexy. The 5 foot 7 stunner has a gorgeous figure, which perfectly compliments her exotic Italian, African-American, Cherokee heritage. But it’s not as easy as that, as Traci herself admits, having a body that beautiful takes effort, from developing healthy eating habits to doing regular physical activity.

"I grew up a very sporty kid. I joined the swim team, the track team, the cross country team." She says. "I love being active."


Traci has never had problems of trying to lose weight, but she still watches what she eats. As a staunch supporter of PETA and animal rights, Traci Bingham’s diet has been following the vegetarian eating plan for several years now. This diet is based on consuming only organically grown plant based foods, and excludes the consumption of any meat products, even dairy. 

For Traci Bingham’s exercise routine, she does light weight training, uses exercise balls, and cardio workouts through running on the treadmill almost every day. Light weight training is considered a muscle and strength building workout that utilizes weights or dumbbells typically not heavier than 10 pounds. 

"I’m also learning as much martial arts as I can." She says. "I told you, being active is in my blood."

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