Thora Birch’s Diet and Exercise Routines: Learning and Working Out Rolled in One

January 9, 2011

Celebrity Weight Loss

Actress Thora Birch best regarded for her performance in 1999’s American Beauty and 2001’s Ghost World has always looked fabulous with her 5 feet 5 inch height. Her full lips and stunning green eyes can make any man go weak in the knees, but it’s her knockout body that really packs a wallop, thanks to her healthy eating and exercise habits.

Thora-Birch.jpgThora has been a vegetarian several years now, in support of animal and environmental rights. Thora Birch’s diet  encourages the consumption of plant based foods while excluding meat and dairy products completely from the meal plan. 

For Thora Birch’s exercise routine, she does martial arts to keep in great shape as it is a great way to burn a lot of calories and to feel confident about herself. She’s actually a blue belt holder in karate.

Thora Birch’s exercise routine actually is a great exercise as it combines strength, cardiovascular workout, endurance, stamina, balance, as well as flexibility.

Furthermore, you wouldn’t feel much that you’re working out since at the same time, you are learning particularly the acts of self-defense during the entire process. It even helps in increasing your speed, quickness and jumping abilities that greatly helps in toning up your muscles.

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