Tea Leoni’s Diet and Exercise Routine: Yes to Animal Rights!

January 9, 2011

Celebrity Weight Loss

From being the star of Jurassic Park III to TV’s The Naked Truth and tickling our funny bones in the comedy Spanglish, we’d definitely love to bag Tea Leoni. Her sensationally long legs and lean midriff serve as evidence to the years she made it as a model before transitioning into acting. Still, there’s no question the 5 foot 8 star could pull off a sexy n’ sporty photoshoot anytime, thanks to her healthy lifestyle.

"I’m normally skinny, except for my two pregnancies, but aside from that, I’ve never had a weight problem." She says. "I’ve been a vegetarian for a long time now, I eat really healthily."

Tea-Leoni.jpgTea Leoni’s diet is adhered to the Vegetarian way of eating, in support of animal and environmental rights. The diet encourages consumption of organically-grown plant-based foods and inhibits her from taking in any meat products, even dairy and eggs. 

"Being vegetarian has made me lessen the cholesterol levels in my body." She shares. "You actually cut in half your chances of having cardiovascular problems by eating healthily."

For Tea Leoni’s exercise routine, she does golfing, hiking, and walking as her favored forms of cardio workouts.

“I love hiking, and I can still walk out the door and run three miles. But I don’t like to get on a machine and exercise. I’m lucky because I don’t look like someone who doesn’t work out. Of course, we’d all like a firmer butt or less flabby arms, but for me fitness has to be about fun.”

Included also in Tea Leoni’s exercise routine is running for at least 3 miles per day whenever possible. She also does yoga to relax the mind and increase her muscle flexibility.

 “That yoga pose I worked very hard to find looks more difficult than it is but what I liked about it, that pose, as much about strength, it’s a lot about balance and I thought  this is perfect, I’m really in shape.”

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