Becoming vegetarian just a little is extremely healthy

May 14, 2009

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Every person has different needs. That is why every diet is unique just as every individual is unique. You need a different ratio of vitamins, minerals and nourishment that I need. By striking the right balance for you, your health will get rock solid in time.

Vegetarians have adopted rational eating habits that create a whole lifestyle. Vegetarians don’t smoke, drink alcohol, and don’t eat any meat. There are extreme vegetarians that eat only natural vegetable food, and more mild vegetarians that also eat eggs, dairies and fish. I personally like the second approach more.

Vegetarians have a lower risk of getting some diseases because of their increased consumption of whole food. Because of eating whole food they also get fewer cancerous compounds in their body. Recent scientific data confirms the fact that the tendency towards a more vegetarian lifestyle reduces the risk of contracting some major diseases.


There is a clear correlation between a heavy meat nutrition, rich in fats and cholesterol, and cardiac diseases, some cancer types, cerebral vascular accidents and diabetes.

Diets based on cereals, fruits, vegetables and nuts are rich in dietary fibers that protect you from diabetes, heart problems, high blood pressure, many form of cancer and other chronic diseases.

Anyone can embrace a vegetarian lifestyle. But beware. While eating only vegetables reduces the chance of getting some ugly diseases, if the vegetarian diet isn’t balanced you can get affected by a severe lack of calcium, iron and vitamin B12 and D. The lack of these important substances from your body cannot be compensated by taking nutritional supplements and has bad effects on your health in general. If you work hard, especially if you do physical labor, you must eat some meat to stay healthy. Also children and pregnant or breast feeding women should eat some meat from time to time.

Some might become vegetarians because they want to lose weight. If you are one of them then you should know that there are approaches that are the exact opposite. In my opinion striking a balance and eating whole food and a tasty steak is the best way to lose weight and be healthy on the long run.

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