The Slightest Body Fat Gain Can Harm Blood Vessels

August 21, 2010

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A recent study done by the Mayo clinic showed that even a slight weight gain can lead to endothelial cell dysfunction. This means that by gaining even a couple of pounds your blood vessels have a harder time contracting and expanding. This impairs the blood flow in a major way.

According to Virend Somers, M.D., Ph.D., and cardiologist at Mayo Clinic "Endothelial dysfunction has long been associated with an increased risk for coronary artery disease and cardiovascular events". The bad news is that just a few extra pounds of fat can lead to endothelial dysfunction. Somers said that "Gaining a few pounds in college, on a cruise, or over the holidays is considered harmless, but it can have cardiovascular implications, especially if the weight is gained in the abdomen."

Now you have an extra reason to get rid of your belly fat. It doesn’t look that great and it has a negative impact on your health. So if you want to avoid cardiovascular diseases, get rid of your belly fat, and strive for six pack abs.

For the study the researchers used 43 healthy volunteers. Some of them were instructed to maintain their weight and others to gain a couple of pounds. The volunteers were tested for endothelial dysfunction at the beginning of the study, after the test subjects gained weight and after they lost weight.

The results of the study showed that even a weight gain of 9 pounds can lead to the apparition of endothelial dysfunction. The results of the study showed clearly that the people that gained the bulk of the weight as belly fat had an impaired blood flow, even if their blood pressure stayed healthy.

For more information on the study results you can check them out in this week’s issue of the Journal of the American College of Cardiology.

Dr Somers said that "Patients should know that having a big belly may be more harmful than simply being obese. Letting weight creep on during college or as the result of aging should not be accepted as normal. "

There are plenty of people that have a normal BMI, but they have a big pot belly. According to the results of this new study, the way the fat is distributed on your body has a tremendous impact on your health. So if you have a normal BMI but you have excess belly fat you should do your best to get rid of belly fat. Your health will benefit a lot.

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