Samantha Harris’ Diet and Exercise Tips: Working Hard to Look Hot

January 5, 2011

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E! Host and former Dancing with the Stars co-host Samantha Harris has good genes written all over her. The Australian beauty is one of the hottest new names to grace the small screen, even after giving birth to two daughters, she has kept her modelesque body in perfect shape.

"Oh my gosh, I’m big on sweets, I’m a huge dessert fanatic." She admits. "But other than that, I eat really healthily, and I exercise. Which seems to balance my having a sweet tooth. It’s funny when women say they envy my arms, I got these arms from carrying around my daughters."

Samantha-Harris.jpgSamantha Harris’ diet is made up of well-balanced, portion controlled meals.

“I’m not on a strict diet. I just try to keep everything in moderation and I try not to deprive myself of one food because that makes me want it even more. My guilty pleasure is chocolate but I really try to keep it to a minimum. As long as you combine a healthy, balanced diet with exercise there is no pressure,” she explains.

Although Samantha Harris’ everyday diet plan allows her to eat anything she wants, she makes sure that she does smart and healthy choices, stocking up on greens and fresh fruits, lean proteins as well as healthy fats.

On a typical day, Samantha Harris’ diet plan includes:

  • Breakfast: a banana with Trader Joe’s Greek Style Nonfat Yogurt – honey flavoured plus a big mug of Swiss Miss No Sugar Added hot chocolate with calcium
  • Snacks: protein-packed Fage Total 0% Greek Yogurt with 2 packets of Splenda, a squeeze of honey and topped with a Nature Valley Oats ‘N Honey Granola Bar 
  • Lunch: an apple and a Promax Cookies ‘n Cream protein bar
  • Dinner:  a bowl of butternut squash soup (vegan), blackened salmon and grilled asparagus with a big glass of water with lemon

With regards to Samantha Harris’ exercise plan, she has a weekly workout calendar which outlines her workout routine for the day.

On Mondays, she allots 60 minutes to attend a high-power cardio kickboxing class at the gym which includes doing fast-paced punches, throws and kicks. Along with this, she does abs and stretching as well.

On Tuesdays, she runs the Santa Monica stairs and does her warm-up through stretching and running up and down the cement stairs twice.  After which, she runs on wood steps and does 8 to 9 laps and does the last one to cool her down.

On Wednesdays, Samantha Harris’ exercise routine includes 60 minutes of cardio-sculpt class wherein cardio intervals plus resistance training are combined. Typically, jumping rope or stepping with resistance training with light dumbbells while on the step is alternately done. At the end of the routine for the day, she does again abs and stretching.

For her Thursday exercise routine, she does 30 minutes of upper-body weight training followed by another 30 minutes on the cardio machine. Sometimes, Samantha likewise works out using the elliptical, stair-stepper or stationary bike.

For Fridays, she does 60 minutes of sculpt and stretch class. Samantha usually utilizes 3-, 5- and 10-pounders to get the muscles burning.

During Saturdays, she hits the gyms to do cardio kickboxing class but is often done depending on the weather. Or perhaps, she does hiking together with her husband.

Lastly, for Sundays, she does another cardio sculpt class in the morning and does 90 minutes of yoga classes to relax and stretch out her body.

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