Sara Rue’s Diet and Exercise Routine: Losing Weight the Healthy Way

January 5, 2011

Celebrity Weight Loss

Once body-conscious, Actress Sara Rue best known for her role in the sitcom Less Than Perfect has now found her perfect fit. The 31 year old actress, who is now happily engaged and with a new show in the works is at her healthiest, with her curvy-licious body to prove it.

"Those years were really sad, I got picked on a lot." She says, recalling the days when she was battling being overweight. "That made me really work hard. I went to a gym everyday. I followed a diet and stuck to it."

Sara-Rue.jpgSara Rue’s diet has helped her lose 30 pounds of her weight. Eating healthy, portion controlled meals allowed her no food restrictions as long as she controls her serving size and eats in moderation. 

Sara also avoided consumption of highly processed and refined foods while cutting back on alcohol and sugar. 

For Sara Rue’s exercise routine; she relies on Yoga for toning and strenthening her body.

“After practicing yoga I always have a bounce in my step, and I feel like I’m standing up straighter.” She says. “I feel more awake and stronger – and it helps me de-stress.” 

Sara also doescardio exercises, typically a combination of 30 minutes of cardio plus 30 minutes of yoga to achieve and maintain her current fit figure.

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