Nicky Hilton’s Diet and Exercise Routine: The Heiress’ Secrets

February 19, 2011

Celebrity Weight Loss

Thanks to her successful forefathers, socialite and celebutante Nicky Hilton is the center of New York’s social circles as a model and fashion designer. Claiming a seat alongside sister Paris Hilton, she has lead a lifestyle of glitz and glamor as the Big Apple’s celebrity elite. The 5 foot 8, blue-eyed temptress also sports a rocking hot body she credits to her eating and lifestyle habits.

Nicky-Hilton.jpgNicky Hilton’s diet involves both balanced diet and portion control diet. Her diet allows her too eat meals that contain protein, fats and carbohydrates properly divided in every meal or snack. At the same time, it ensures that Nicky gets enough nutrients to keep her body healthy which also helps in losing weight or in weight maintenance too.

Furthermore, Nicky Hilton’s diet likewise involves portion controlled eating which means she allows herself to eat whatever she wants as long as it inline with the balanced diet. She claims that she only eats whenever she’s hungry and stops when her hunger has subsided.

Like any balanced diet, this also helps in losing weight and maintaining the ideal body weight as well. Additionally, her diet also is free from any fast food, fried foods or any saturated fats.

For Nicky Hilton’s exercise routine, she does intense cardio exercises plus aerobic workout 1 to 2 hours, three to five times per week. She doesn’t have a personal trainer to set her exercise routine and decides on her own her fitness program.

Examples of cardio exercises are brisk walking, running, jogging, swimming and other activities that can lead to a temporary rise in heart and cardiac rate. One of Nicky’s favorite cardio exercises is jogging which she does three to five times per week. It is said to burn as much as 300 to 600 calories per workout. At the same time, it increases the metabolic process leading to burning of a lot of calories, weight loss, and weight maintenance as well.

Furthermore, Nicky Hilton’s exercise routine involves doing yoga once or twice a week. She likes doing yoga because it relieves her from stress and relaxes her at the same time.

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