Muscles Burn Fat: lose weight by increasing your muscle mass

May 23, 2009

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Increasing your muscle mass leads to a faster burning of calories. It is true that aerobic exercises are great for weight loss. If you want to lose weight fast, you have to do aerobic exercises regularly for 1 hour at least. That way you will lose weight faster and stay slim longer. But aerobic exercises don’t increase your muscle mass. And muscles are the ones that burn the majority of calories daily. You need to do anaerobic exercises if you want to gain muscle mass.

Muscles have an unmatched ability to burn fat deposits. A one pound muscle form your body burns around 50 calories. The more muscles you have to more calories your body will burn. Muscles require more energy daily to stay healthy and your body will do whatever it takes to supply them with the necessary energy. And that usually means burning the fat deposits. If you don’t have a well developed muscle mass and if you don’t workout regularly to strengthen your muscles, you will gain weight and fat deposits that don’t look good.


You should know that during the workout the aerobic exercises burn more calories than anaerobic exercises. But after the workout the balance shifts. After the aerobic exercises, the caloric burns can take place for another 60 minutes. After doing anaerobic exercises, the burning of the fats can continue for up to 48 hours. Both forms of exercising help people lose weight, but over a longer period of time anaerobic exercises burns more fat deposits and increases your muscle mass while aerobic exercises burn the fats but also burns your muscle mass, reducing it.

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The fact that your fat burning is increased after anaerobic exercises can only be explained by the fact that after the fitness workout your muscles need to repair themselves. Because your muscles rebuild themselves, increasing their size, they need more energy. That is why you burn more fats after an anaerobic exercise.

Never starve yourself and workout at the same time if you want to burn fats

Your body needs nourishment to function properly. A healthy nutrition helps you get the desired figure without starving yourself. If you don’t eat when you workout then your body won’t have the necessary carbohydrates and fat reserves to burn for energy. In this case your body will turn to the protein reserves stored into your muscles. This is bad because you won’t burn the fat deposits. Instead you will burn your muscles to get the required energy. Your purpose is to increase your muscle mass not to lower it.

Find out What to do to gain muscle mass in a healthy way.

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