Chi Workout: physical exercises that improve your chi energy

May 22, 2009

Exercise & Fitness

Chi is the life energy found in every living being and also in every speck of dust. Chi is like an informational field, a force also known as “the breath of life”. The chi travels in your body using 12 meridians. When the chi energy circulation is stopped health problems appear.

Physical exercises improve your chi energy level and maintain it at a normal level. There is a specific chi way of walking or running. Chi running or walking are executed with correct physical movements. You mustn’t feel any pain of effort. Walking and running will become a joyful experience if respect the chi energetic flow. All you have to do is get some new habits. As in any workout program perseverance is the key. Your body, mind and soul are kept in shape with the help of chi energy.


If you want to walk to improve your chi you have to prepare yourself. You need a little warm up before starting walking. First straighten your spine to improve the flow of chi energy in your body. You have to be prepared mentally also. Establish a precise goal: to be healthy, to walk or run correctly and efficiently, to lose weight… Balance your body and get a good posture. That way all your muscles will get exercised.

Establish that you will exercise only as long as can sustain the physical activity. Don’t strain yourself and don’t do radical changes in your workout program from day to day. If last week you walked for 30 minutes, this week you shouldn’t start running for 1 hour. You have to get your body used to physical exercising regularly and increase the difficulty level gradually.

While exercising you have to concentrate on what you are doing. Don’t let your thoughts fly away to distant lands. You mind has to help your body during workouts. And you should never ever skip the warm up routines.


Your movements have to be natural. You shouldn’t get tensed while exercising. Relaxation is very important form this standpoint. You learn how to walk using chi only after you have straighten your back and spine, relaxed your muscles, pelvis, knees and ankles. While walking check from time to time to see if you are walking with your back straight and relaxed. If your body gets tensed in certain parts, or you even start feeling pain, remember to relax. While walking keep your eyes toward the horizon and straight, not at your shoes or at the sky.

You also have to play a little until you find your own perfect walking or running rhythm. Walk or run faster and slower until you hit that sweet spot that feels so good. When you will find your running rhythm you will feel like you are being pushed form behind. Your body will be light and balanced. Exercising will become a pleasure. That is how working out using your chi energy flow feels like. There are relaxing walks, energizing walks, and walks that help you concentrate.

The chi workout is beneficial for those that are in shape and also for those that are just starting on the fitness path. Walking is the most simple form of exercising. Just by walking 30 minutes daily you will gain a better health and be happier. Walking using your chi energy is even more healthy because of the mind body connection.

Walking has many health benefits. To find them out read Walking for better health and a stronger heart.

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