Monica Belluci’s Diet and Exercise Tips: Naturally Curvy

December 27, 2010

Celebrity Weight Loss

Tall, fair-skinned, supple, voluptuous AND with perfect features. With all of this going for her, Italian actress Monica Bellucci might as well be declared the world’s eight wonder. The award winning star and Cannes Film Festival judge certainly lives up to this billing, and is the winning all-woman antidote to some of Hollywood’s stick-thin actresses.

 "Really, being beautiful is all about what you think of yourself. If you feel beautiful, it will show." She says. "I’m not fat, I’m also not skinny, and I don’t want to be."

monica-belluci.jpgMonica Bellucci’s diet follows portion control. This eating plan allows her to eat anything she wants, there are no food restrictions, as long as she controls serving size and eats in moderation.

Monica also states her love-hate relationship with working out, saying she’s not a big fan of exercise, but still tries her best. Monica Bellucci’s exercise routine includes swimming, jogging and doing yoga. Monica also does contact sports such as kickboxing and capuera as influenced by husband and French actor Vincent Cassel, a sports buff.

"I’m kind of like a shark." She says with a laugh. "I’m always moving, I need to move to stay alive."

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