Mya Harrison’s Diet and Exercise: Staying Lean without Hitting the Gym

December 27, 2010

Celebrity Weight Loss

Grammy Award winning R&B singer Mya Harrison has got people singing her praises by looking the way she does: pretty face, chocolate brown eyes and a body that’s lean and toned all over. You’re about to get lucky because here, Mya spills on her dieting and workout secrets to achieving that buff bod.

"I pretty much just watch what I eat and when I eat." She says. "As a singer, I can’t drink carbonated beverages. I also don’t eat junk food and I don’t smoke."

Mya-Harrison.jpgMya Harrison’s diet follows portion control, which allows the person no food restrictions as long as serving sizes are kept small and eating is in moderation.

Mya Harrison’s exercise routine is comprised of activities she can do even outside the gym: walking, jogging as well as doing pushups and crunches.

 “Working out is very important, but sleep is even more important. You don’t necessarily have to get to a gym, I stopped making excuses for myself, but I do work out in my hotel rooms." Mya shares. "That just consists of crunches, push-ups or dips off the side of a tub, chair or bed. It keeps me pretty toned and in shape.”

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