Mekhi Phifer’s Diet: Healthy Body with Balanced Hormone Levels

February 13, 2011

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Mekhi Phifer is an American actor best known for doing the role of Dr. Gregg Pratt in NBC’s long-running medical drama ER and is the co-star opposite Eminem in the feature film 8 Mile. He claims that his diet regimen keeps his healthy, fit with high energy levels. Want to know what this is? Then keep reading.

Mekhi-Phifer.jpgMekhi Phifer’s diet is the popular zone diet that aims to maintain hormonal balance through the intake or specifically made meals. The meals are divided accordingly: carbohydrates 40%, fat 30%, and proteins 30%. The maker of this diet claims that one must eat foods that can help in controlling the body’s insulin levels. Every meal part of Mekhi Phifer’s diet plan daily contains 40% (carbohydrates) 30% (mono-unsaturated fat) 30% (protein) ratio so his body can function at its best.

Dieters, like Mekhi who follows the zone diet are highly recommended to maintain their caloric consumption for meals to 500 calories, and 100 calories for their snacks. Furthermore, their diet usually contains a lot of fresh vegetables, leafy green vegetables, fruits, nuts, with enough protein, plus 8 glasses of water daily. Processed foods and meals that contain excessive amounts of salt are avoided.

With Mekhi Phifer’s diet, he is able to go back to the traditional ways of choosing and eating the right amounts of food in moderate amounts. This actually helps in losing weight while keeping the hormone levels balanced. Aside from weight loss, other benefits of the Zone diet are as follows: better focus and clearer mind because of stable blood glucose levels, better performance due to sufficient oxygenation of the muscle cells, healthier appearance because of less body fats, and less hungry due to proper supply of food for the brain.

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