Melanie Brown’s Diet and Exercise Routine: Staying Fit After Pregnancy

February 13, 2011

Celebrity Weight Loss

Scary she’s not. Melanie Brown, popularly known as Mel B and Scary Spice was a key member to  the most successful all-girl band ever to grace the planet,The Spice Girls. She may be 35 now, and with kids, but motherhood has done nothing to diminish her rock hard-physique. Here, she dishes on what keeps her fabulous body oh-so-well maintained.

"I don’t diet, I don’t believe in diets. I believe in a whole healthy attitude and lifestyle, but everything in moderation." She says with a smile. "I do think if you crave for something, you got to eat that, but generally I eat healthy because it does wonders to the body."

Melanie-Brown.jpgMelanie Brown’s diet is composed of portion controlled meals. She doesn’t follow any strict eating plan but instead relies on controlling serving sizes to keep her weight in the normal range.

Melanie claims, “I believe in listening to your body and being consistent. If you want a burger, have one, but balance it out the next day by eating salmon and vegetables. I put on 65 lbs during my pregnancy, and I’ve lost 40 lbs.”

Melanie Brown’s diet plan typically comes from Freshology, a food delivery service that provides her with a diet that involves lean proteins such as fish and chicken. In a week, she makes sure that she allots one day to eat whatever she wants.

“I splurge on whatever I’m craving—either an In-and-Out cheeseburger or a traditional English Sunday roast,” Melanie says.

For Melanie Brown’s exercise routine, she does 30 minutes of cardio exercise along with 200 sit-ups three times per day.

She shares, laughing. “I’ve always been obsessed with doing abs! I change positions every 10 reps. I like how quickly—if you stick to it—you can see results.”

Cardio exercise is one workout that is part of an individual’s exercise routine. This is considered a system of physical conditioning that involves activities that can increase the respiratory and heart rate temporarily. Some examples of this exercise are walking, running, jogging, swimming, hiking and the like. Melanie Brown’s exercise can burn as much as 300 to 600 calories per workout that is effective in losing weight and weight maintenance as well.

Melanie also shares about her motivation in staying active, “Start a club. Start where you’ll partner with your friends and have workout buddies. It becomes not just about you, but the whole team. That’s what I think works best anyway — instead of beating yourself up, like ‘C’mon! You can do it!’, it’s nice to have friends to rely on also. That’s where I come from. I’m all about women embracing women and giving each other motivation and strength.

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