Marisol Nichols’ Diet Tips: Matching Up with Her Needs

February 10, 2011

Celebrity Weight Loss

Actress Marisol Nichols best regarded for playing hard-hitting Special Agent Nadia Yassir of the hit show 24 is among of the very few celebrities who don’t mess around when it comes to her diet, and it shows. The 36 year old brunette beauty is as ravishing as ever, even with a dauighter to take care of, she always finds the time for her healthy eating and exercise plan.

"I’ve tried Atkins. The Zone. But I hate diets that make you feel depressed." She shares. "I will not stick to them. The one that I’m on now, I love. It’s called the First Personal Diet."

Marisol-Nichols.jpgMarisol Nichols’ diet is a diet plan made by Dr. Cohen, a former cardiologist. This customized diet plan is referred to as the 1st personal diet that bases your specific diet plan to your own blood tests.

To begin with, you have to have your blood sample taken and sent to one of the doctors of the 1st personal diet. Then they will evaluate your results and establish a diet plan that will suit your needs.

When the results are evaluated, they will usually give you a 12-week diet plan that will educated you on the foods you should eat based on the results of your blood test.

The said diet is split to four phases wherein the last phase is referred to as the “refeeding” stage that involves gradual introduction of unhealthy foods into your diet without risking weight gain.

The positive side of Marisol Nichols’ diet is that it doesn’t require the use of any diet pills of healthy supplements. Most foods allowed in the diet are commonly seen in your kitchen or pantry and is wide in variety. Furthermore, it doesn’t involve calorie counting, doesn’t compel you to eat exotic foods, and the diet is planned individually based on your needs.

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