Marisa Tomei’s Diet and Exercise Routine: Beautiful and Fit Even at 46

February 10, 2011

Celebrity Weight Loss

At 46, Oscar winning actress Marisa Tomei is  still as beautiful as ever. With her classic good looks and lean frame, she looks just as good as she does when she first came into the scene with her supporting character on The Cosby Show spin off A Different World in 1987. Here, she dishes on her secrets to maintaining that enviable modelesque figure, and how living healthily has changed her life.

"I think I’ve found my personal weight loss cure." She gushes. "Someone gave me a hula hoop two years ago.It’s good, and it’s calming. I bring one into the sets now."

Marisa-Tomei.jpgMarisa Tomei’s diet, especially when she did her role in “The Wrestler” is the low carbohydrate diet. For one month, Marisa had to avoid taking in any pasta, bread, rice, potatoes, chocolates, and other high-carbohydrate foods. Her diet only contained foods rich in proteins like meat, soy products, and vegetables.

Furthermore, this kind of diet involves the consumption of meats, cheeses, fats, and certain green leafy vegetables at the same time; it keeps the intake of carbohydrates in a minimal amount so it needs the avoidance of sugar, white flour, and starchy vegetables.

Marisa Tomei’s diet on a typical day includes eating healthy and following a sensible diet and only follows the low carbohydrate diet when she needs to prepare for a role or an event.

For Marisa Tomei’s exercise routine, she does cardio exercises to stay in shape and started doing a few years ago the hula hoop to attain a great figure and stay lean.

“You’re waiting and you have all that extra energy and you want to stay focused and relaxed and something about that hoop – you do it and it calms you down. Honestly, it’s the best thing,” Marisa claims.

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