The Jenny Craig Diet Plan: Getting To Know The Basics

February 11, 2011

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You’ve heard millions of people go forward with their success stories of weight loss by using the Jenny Craig Weight Loss Program, from ordinary individuals to Hollywood celebrities such as Queen Latifah and Basketball Star Baron Davis. But how exactly does this diet plan work?

For starters, Jenny Craig isn’t a Janie-come-lately to the diet field. Jenny Craig Inc. has been around for quite some time now, starting in the 1980s at Australia before becoming part of the Nestle Corporation in year 1985. Their claim to weight loss is simple: a weight management program based on developing a healthier relationship with food, with an eye on good nutrition, portion control and encouraging an active lifestyle.


The Jenny Craig Weight Loss Diet Plan

The Jenny Craig Weight Loss Program takes an individual approach to weight loss, and is dependent on a one-to-one interaction with a Jenny Craig consultant, either in person or over the phone. After evaluating your needs, a personalized plan is presented, along with meal choices.

The meal choices consist of 17 breakfast options, 21 lunch choices, 28 dinner choices and 25 other options for desserts and snacks. Each meal is developed by a registered dietician, pre-packaged and readily delivered straight to your doorstep.

For the most part, the meals nutritionally reflect the 2005 federal guidelines and USDA food pyramid by containing 50 to 60% carbohydrates, 20 to 25% protein and 20 to 25% fat.

Exercise suggestions are also tailored into the program, and is a very critical component for the Jenny Craig Diet Plan. The activity component was developed with the world renowned Cooper Institute in Dallas, which trains fitness specialists to offer a wide range of educational offerings, conducts stuides and provide health and fitness resources.

Jenny Craig’s 3-Level Program

The Jenny Craig System developed a 3 step program with support in the 3 key areas: body, food, and mind.

  • At the first level, clients are taught to adjust to the program by allowing no food restrictions, but with portion control.
  • At the second level, the program teaches clients to boost energy and lose weight by starting regular physical activity.
  • At the third level, the program teaches clients to continue with the healthy lifestyle so that weight loss is maintained.

The Skinny

The Jenny Craig Weight Management Program basically combines nutrition and physical activity with counselinhg, to help clients change lifestyle, with the end goal that once clients reach their desired weight levels, they would no longer need to rely on the program to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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