Kelly Ripa’s Diet and Exercise Tips: Keeping a Well Trimmed Body

December 20, 2010

Celebrity Weight Loss

Kelly Ripa, the dynamo co-host of Live with Regis and Kelly has done what most of us can only dreamed about: she’s given her whole body a makeover. As proof, she now sports a bikini body fit to make heads turn and jaws drop. Even after giving birth to 3 children, the superfit star has maintained her best shape ever.

"I quit smoking, eat a balanced diet and work out regularly. I don’t believe in dieting, when you restrict something, you’ll want it even more." She states. "It’s great when someone tells me my arms look good, I’m so vain, that’s all it took. It got me hooked."

kelly-ripa.jpgKelly Ripa’s diet follows portion control. This allows her no food restrictions of any kind as long as she controls her serving size and watches out for her caloric intake.

"I eat small meals, but frequently throughout the day." Kelly says. "That way, I don’t wait for myself to be starving before I eat."

Kelly Ripa’s exercise consists of cardiovascular workouts and deep-tissue toning classes at least 2 hours per day. 

She also does alternate jumping rope, squats and core training. For muscle toning, Kelly attends a challenging body-toning class wherein weight exercises focus on the inner layers of the muscle that comes with ballet-inspired movements.

"It’s not easy to exercise for five times a week, in fact I almost gave up in the beginning." Kelly admits. "But as soon as you see the results, you’ll realize that it’s all worth it. It really is."

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