Kelly Monaco’s Diet and Exercise Tips: Maintaining the Same Weight For Years

December 20, 2010

Celebrity Weight Loss

Dancing with The Stars Season 1 champion Kelly Monaco danced like a pro on Stars, with no qualms about wearing those skimpy and revealing oufits on stage. But then again, why should she worry? The 5 foot 1 actress is lean and toned all over, without a single curve in the wrong place. 

"I have a decent metabolism." She states. "Whenever I eat in excess, which is rare, I just burn it right off. I have my active lifestyle to thank for that."

Kelly-Monaco.jpgKelly Monaco’s diet follows the vegetarian  way of eating. She has been a vegan for 17 years already, in support of animal and environmental rights. Her dietary intake focuses on plants for food and excludes all forms of meat, even dairy products.

"I’ve been a vegan for so long, milk is out of the question, even eggs." She says. "But my guilty pleasure is a Snickers bar. I love Snickers."

Kelly Monaco’s exercise routine involves hitting the gym everyday for two hours doing  cardio exercise, light weights, and sit-ups.

Kelly also does rollerblading, hiking, and dancing for times she spends outside the gym.

"I could never imagine myself not doing anything." She says. "That would take the fun out of life." 

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