Joss Stone’s Diet and Exercise Routine: A Soul Siren’s Secrets

February 1, 2011

Celebrity Weight Loss

Beautiful Brit Joss Stone has a sultry voice which helped her make a name for herself at such a young age, selling over 11 million albums internationally and winning a Grammy Award. Between her long, wavy hair, luscious lips, 5 foot 10 frame and rocking body, we just can’t get enough of this sassy performer, who readily shares her tips for maintaining that fabulous figure.

"I’m tall, so many people think I’m slim." She says with a laugh. "But I feel great, I eat really healthily, and I’m not super skinny. I exercise regularly and I’ve been a vegetarian my whole life."

Joss-Stone.jpgJoss has been a vegan throughout her life in support of animal and environmental rights. Joss Stone’s diet is based on consuming onle organically grown plant based foods while excluding dairy and all meat products from her meals. 

For Joss Stone’s exercise routine, she likes to go swimming, which can burn as much as 300 to 600 calories per hour. 

"I’m not a big gym person." She admits. "But I do work out, I run a lot, I hike. I do cardio stuff regularly."

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