Judy Greer’s Diet and Exercise Routine: A Figure That Stands Out

February 1, 2011

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Actress Judy Greer first came into the scene for her winsome role in the hit Fox series Arrested Development before transitioning to the big screen with roles in movies such as The Wedding Planner, 13 Going on 30, and 27 Dresses. At 5 foot 10, her piercing green eyes and megawatt smile almost always gets your attention, and with that super slim body of hers, the 34 year old star just keeps getting prettier with age. Here, she dishes on her tips to maintaining her youthful good looks and fit physique.

"I don’t fuss a lot about the diet, I just watch what I eat, and eat in moderation. " She says. "Moderation is the key, and well, exercise is very important. I love Yoga. It’s my work out of choice."

Judy-Greer.jpgJudy Greer’s diet consists of well balanced, portion controlled meals. This eating plan allows her no food restrictions, as long as she keeps her serving sizes small and eats in moderation.

On the other hand, Judy Greer’s exercise routine includes Ashtanga yoga, a type of yoga also known as power yoga that involves rigorous body movements.

 “Ashtanga yoga. I really love it. I’m one of those hardcore yogis. I’ve done yoga for years, but this particular kind of yoga I just started a year ago. It’s really hard.” She shares.

She also does Curves, a complete cardio and strength-training workout done in 30 minutes designed to burn approximately 500 calories every session.

The circuit is composed of resistance machines that work each major muscle group in the body, and mostly, two muscles at a time. 

"Oh, I work out by dancing too." She adds. "I trained in ballet when I was young."

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