Jamie Lee Curtis’ Diet and Exercise Routine: Managing Her Health and Physique

January 26, 2011

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From Scream Queen in Tinseltown to seductress in True Lies, Jamie Lee Curtis  has the figure to turn heads and make her the envy of every woman. This 5 feet 9 inch actress may be 50 years old, but that doesn’t stop her from baring her soul– and body to convince women that they will be at their most beautiful when they take care of their bodies while aging naturally.

"The glam isn’t real, but good health is." She says. "Beauty is what’s inside, how you feel about yourself, how you take care of yourself. You get that by eating right and living healthily."

Jamie-Lee-Curtis.jpgJamie Lee Curtis’ diet involves both balanced diet and portion control. The balanced diet involves the consumption of foods coming from these food groups including protein, carbohydrates, and properly divided in every meal she has. This makes sure that dieters like Jamie get the proper amount of every food group and avoids the consumption of junk foods.

For Jamie Lee Curtis’ exercise routine, she does Pilates which is a physical fitness system that concentrates on her core postural muscles, the deep abdominal muscles and the muscles nearest her spine.

With Pilates, Jamie is able to control her core through the integration of trunk, pelvis and shoulder girdle. At the same time, Jamie Lee Curtis’ exercise teaches her to become aware of the proper breathing and proper alignment of her spine.

Furthermore, it helps in strengthening the deep torso muscles, elongates, strengthens, and improves muscle elasticity and joint mobility.

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