Jake Gyllenhaal’s Diet and Exercise Routine from the Hunkish Warrior

January 26, 2011

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Thanks to his All-American good looks and friendly demeanor, Jake Gyllenhaal has repeatedly made the list of People’s Hottest Bachelors, and with a string of hit movies under his belt such as The Day After Tomorrow, Marine in Jarhead and Brokeback Mountain, this 6 foot tall hunk has established himself as an actor with great emotional depth and has built a large legion of female fans. After all, what woman could resist him? Especially after seeing him flash those ripped abs he worked hard for on his movie Prince of Persia, proving good things come to those who persevere.

"My big buddy Lance Armstrong inspired me. I’m a big bike rider. I like exercise– it’s a natural high." He says. "Being in shape takes a lot of discipline, but the results are worth it."

Jake-Gyllenhaal.jpgJake Gyllenhaal’s diet is composed of well balanced, low carbohydrate meals. This kind of diet involves the intake of meats, cheeses, fats, and some leafy green vegetables wherein the intake of carbohydrates are kept in a minimal amount. At the same time, this diet avoids the consumption of sugar, white flour, and starchy vegetables.

Jake Gyllenhaal’s diet plan involves the following meals.

  • Pre-workout snack: half a banana, nuts and an espresso.
  • For breakfast: egg-white omelet, protein shake and an isotonic drink
  • For lunch: baked potato with tuna and salad.
  • For dinner: soup and a protein shake
  • Snacks and supplements: water, protein bars, dark chocolate and omega-3, 6 and 9 supplements.

For Jake Gyllenhaal’s exercise routine, he stays active by playing his favorite sports like skateboarding, basketball, surfing, and other sports. He likewise did Barry’s Boot Camp, did calisthenic exercises and weight lifting.

Yet again, when he did Prince of Persia, Jake was told to develop hos lower abdominal muscles. He enlisted the help of Celebrity Trainer Simon Waterson.

Simon says, “I made sure he trained when he needed to train. He was fed when he needed to be fed. And rested when he needed to rest. You have to bear in mind, this was an intensive four months of training. He was living an athlete’s life.”

Jake Gyllenhaal’s exercise routine had to be done two times per day, once in the morning, and the other in the evening. His morning routine involves 90 minutes of cardio exercise while donning a 20-pound flak jacket that helps in stimulating the weight of the armor. He also did 10 minutes of sprints, then abs and did it five times; he also finishes his routine with a 10-minute jog.

For his evening workout, Jake Gyllenhaal’s exercise routine includes one hour of resistance training with cables to simulate sword fights plus pull-ups, press-ups and abs exercises.

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