Jane Seymour’s Diet and Exercise Routine: Strong, Healthy and Beautiful at 60

January 26, 2011

Celebrity Weight Loss

Jane Seymour may be 59 years old, but she definitely looks like someone half her age. Blessed with good genes and a rocking svelte figure, the 5 feet 4 inch actress who captured fame as a Bond girl in 1973’s Live and Let Die is a mother to 6 children. But that did little to rob her of her youthful good looks, thanks to her ultra-healthy way of living.

"I take better care of myself, I’m healthier, it’s the greatest feeling of all." She says. "I exercise as much as I can, jet ski, golfing, swimming..I eat organically, I’m so ga-ga over fruits and vegetables."

Jane-Seymour.jpgJane Seymour’s diet is composed of well balanced, portion controlled foods. This diet allows her no food restrictions, as long as she keeps her serving sizes small and eats in moderation.

For Jane Seymour’s exercise routine, she does Power yoga, light weights, some isometrics and Pilates.

The different activities actually work to educate her on the proper breathing exercise and the alignment of her spine. At the same time, it elongates, strengthens and increases the flexibility of her muscles including the enhancement of joint mobility. It also helps relax the mind, body and spirit and achieve not only a healthy physique but the mind and spirit too.

Jane Seymour’s exercise, specifically the light weights exercise helps tone up her muscles through the use of dumbbells or weights that are not heavier than 10 pounds. 

"I did ballet when I was younger, and up to now I still do the occasional ballet stretches and barre exercises." She says. "I like being active, I really do."

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