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Usually specialists recommend that there should be at least 1 hour gap between eating and working out. They always point out the importance of maintaining the delicate balance between what you eat and what type of exercises you will do. If you know that your workout won’t be that intense then you will burn less calories. You should eat a light small meal before working out. If you know you will have an intense workout then you will need more energy and a bigger healthy meal is allowed.

You always have to make sure your caloric intake is lower then what you burn during the day if you want to lose weight. This rule is more of a guideline. You don’t need complicated charts and food math to make sure you eat only what you eat. If you get healthy eating habits you will eat only as much as you need.

As a rule you should eat fatty foods way before exercising or way after a workout. You should never eat fatty food right before or after exercising.


During the workout remember to drink lots of water. Drink all the water you need. Don’t let your body get dehydrated. You shouldn’t drink lots of water all at a time. Take smaller sips of water frequently during your workout.

So you get an idea of what you should eat before a workout here are some guidelines:

What you eat must offer you enough energy for all the usual daily activities. If you workout on a daily basis you have to eat a little more to have the extra energy needed for a fruitful exercise. This doesn’t mean you should go overboard and overeat at every meal.

If you workout until a lake of sweat forms at your feet then you have to give your body all the proteins it needs. And it will need a lot of proteins. Before an intense workout eat a healthy meal formed of 1 part carbohydrates and 2 parts proteins.

After the workout you should feel exhausted. You need proteins to regain your strength. But don’t eat right after a workout. Wait 30 minutes before eating something. You should avoid eating foods rich in dietary fibers because they will slow down the absorption of the proteins.

Eat a meal rich in proteins, that also contains carbohydrates. For example eat a piece of grilled fish with streamed potatoes and raw vegetables. You can replace the fish with a piece of chicken, some grilled chicken breast is delicious and healthy. Of course fruits are good and healthy also. Tip: is you feel the need for something sweet eat a fruit.

If you do lots of cardio and aerobic exercises the carbohydrates-protein rapport changes. During cardio exercises your body needs more carbohydrates and less proteins. Also after a cardio workout you can have a small light snack 15 minutes after the end of the exercise. Eating foods rich in dietary fibers is recommended in this situation.

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