What to eat after a workout: top 10 recommended aliments

April 1, 2009

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Most often than not what we achieve thru physical workout can be compromised by what we choose to eat after. How many times did you leave the aerobics class thinking what oh what shall I eat now. Or maybe how often did refuse food just so maybe you could speed up weight loss. Also we both have seen very often body builders drinking power sakes for energy after their workout.

The fact is that after any workout your body need to replenish it’s reserves of carbohydrates and proteins. That being said, it’s in your best interest that after working out, your meal contains sufficient quantities of carbohydrates and proteins and at the same time, as less saturated fats as possible.


These next aliments are easy to acquire, have all the necessary components for a healthy post gym meal.

  1. Low fat milk – both rich in carbohydrates, proteins and it also contains the water necessary for your rehydration.
  2. Yogurt .
  3. 1 Turkey breast sandwich with salad, mustard and whole grain bread minus the butter or mayo.
  4.  A tuna salad with a whole grain bun minus the mayo.
  5. 1 shake containing 1 banana, fresh squeezed orange juice and 1 flavored yogurt.
  6. Fresh squeeze either orange or grapefruit juice plus dried nuts.
  7. Fresh dairy cheese.
  8. Crème vegetable soup plus 1 whole grain bun.
  9. Crackers.
  10. Dried fruits and a small quantity of low fat cheese.

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