10 Fitness Secrets to motivate you workout more

April 1, 2009

Exercise & Fitness

1) Maintenance fitness isn’t as hard as it seems. Physical exercise can be any physical activity that solicits your muscles in a way that it’s above average. Also resistance is a physical activity carried out over a longer period of time, like a long walk while listening to your mp3 player or talking with a friend.

2) For really good results the medics recommend serious workout sessions that last for at least 20 minutes.

3) After an intense fitness session your pulse will regain it’s normal rate in about two minutes. But the blood pressure and metabolic rate stay at a high level for two more hours.

4) One of the secrets of maintaining a steady healthy weight is the reprogramming of your body. You have to train you body to expect a certain quantity of food and a certain level of physical workout. Following a strict diet you will lose weight but you won’t get a really good looking body. Also the weight you took off by dieting won’t stay off for long.


5) Don’t argument your lack of physical activity with your lack of time. If you watch tv for at least one hour a day it means you have the time. Even if you don’t like to workout keep in mind that the rewards will show themselves soon. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could fit in your old skinny jeans instead of buying others all the time.

6) Starting with the age of 25 you start losing your muscle mass, making your metabolism even slower. That is why persons that didn’t have any weight problems till that age start gaining weight after the 25 years old mark.

7) Vitamins won’t give you the lost energy because they don’t contain any calories. Calories are the only source of energy the human body has. Instead of popping vitamin pill after vitamin pill you should eat more healthy and start exercising.

8) Don’t mix up the sensation of hunger with your appetite. For those situations keep a slice of whole grain bread at hand. But don’t go and fall in the other extreme if the stomach asks timidly for food you jumping and binging on whatever it’s at hand.

9) Working out doesn’t have the same effect as eating a cookie. After you eat a cookie you would like to eat the whole box of cookies. You need willpower to go thru two sessions of intense physical activity just as you need willpower to stop form reaching for that second cookie.

10) You have to make working out a habit for you. Just like brushing your teeth. That way it’s going to become increasingly easier to workout and increasingly difficult to quit.

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