What foods contain dietary fibers and their benefits

May 5, 2009

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Dietary fibers can be found in vegetables, fruits and cereals.

The cereal based foods with dietary fibers are:

  • -breakfast cereals: this are one of the few supermarket foods that have their fiber content written on their packaging.
  • -wholegrain cereals.
  • -baked goods made with wholemeal flour.
  • -wholegrain pastas.

Fruits are another great source of dietary fibers. You should eat:

  • -dried fruits: raisins, plums, apricots, dates, figs.
  • -the peel and the seeds of fresh fruits

All vegetables contain food fibers to some degree but more notable are: broccoli, cabbage, beans, peas…

You can also buy food supplements that contain fibers, but a healthy diet should already have a sufficient quantity of dietary fibers in it.


The benefits of eating dietary fiber rich foods are:

By eating dietary fiber rich foods you will have better and smoother bowl movements, helping you get rid of bloating and preventing the apparition of hemorrhoids.

Dietary fibers are a great ally in dieting because they give you the feeling of satiety. That will make you eat less. Food fibers have almost no calories and they keep your stomach busy for a long time, preventing that way the apparition of ulcer.

Recent studies have shown that a diet rich in food fibers helps your heart be healthier. Soluble dietary fibers reduce the levels of blood sugar and cholesterol. In a study the group that had the lowest daily food fiber consumption had a rate of heart related diseases 5 times higher than the group that ate their daily portion of fibers.

It is also believed that food fibers help lower blood pressure. But it is hard to reach a clear conclusion and say that dietary fibers are responsible for lower blood pressure of is the effect of eating lots of fruits and vegetables.

Food fibers are good for persons that suffer from diabetes because they help control and lower the level of blood sugar.

Scientists in the cure and prevention of cancer field recommend that we eat at least 20 grams of fibers daily.

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Find out The health benefits of dietary fibers.

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