Healthy Eating Tips for a Healthier Life

February 2, 2010

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Healthy eating tips for breakfast

  • Add raisins or other fresh fruit to you bowl of cereal
  • Buy skimmed yogurt, natural fruit juice and fresh, canned or frozen fruit in a juicer
  • Start the day with a full glass of vruit of vegetable juice
  • Make a peach and nectarine puree, add a drop of your favorite juice, ice cubes, and nuts
  • Keep a basket of fruit on your kitchen table to tempt you each time you pass it.

Dinner and lunch healthy eating tips

  • Eat sandwiches with a lot of legumes(mushrooms, tomatoes, Brussels sprouts, green peppers, cucumbers etc);
  • Always include a green salad or a vegetable soup in your lunch or dinner;
  • After you work out quench your thirst with natural fruit juice
  • Always pick baked or boiled potatoes instead of French fries.
  • Add color to potatoes salad or pasta using chunks of green pepper, broccoli, carrots, cucumbers, cabbage or spinach.
  • Wrap vegetable in aluminum foil before putting them on the grill. You can put pineapple, eggplants, nectarines, zucchini or tomatoes on the barbecue.
  • Mix chicken and tuna chunks with apple, pineapple or raisins.
  • Squeeze grapefruit or orange juice in salads. Also chunks of oranges, nectarines, and grapefruit can add extra flavor to salads.
  • Prepare a tasty sauce made from tomatoes, mango, avocado, red onions, cilantro, and lemon juice.
  • Don’t abandon eating healthy even when you go out! Order a vegetarian pizza, pasta with vegetables, salads with all types of vegetables, baked potatoes or vegetable soup.

Original healthy eating tips to spice up your life

  • Try serving fresh greens or pickles instead of meat or cheese as an appetitive.
  • Invet an original pizza recipe with a variety of ingredients. For example put red, green and yellow peppers, pineapple pieces, spinach, zucchini and broccoli.
  • Try all sort of combinations in fruit salads like bananas with strawberries and pineapple.
  • Prepare some skewers with strawberry pieces, grapes, honeydew melon and pineapple. Then dip them in skimmed yogurt.
  • Mix pineapple juice, oranges, grapefruits and other fruits and garnish the drinks with lemon wedges.

Healthy eating tips for your children’s health

  • Tempt them with fruits and vegetables! Decorate plates with different colored pieces.
  • Draw a smiley face in the cereal bowl using pieces of fruit.
  • Create a piece of art using broccoli for trees, carts and celery for flowers, canopy for clods and a lemon for the sun.
  • Try replacing candy with pieces of dry fruit
  • Shop with your child and let him pick the fruits and vegetables he like
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