Gym In A Shoe: Walking Towards Fast Weight Loss

March 3, 2011

Exercise & Fitness

It sounds so mundane, so dull to discuss walking as a form of exercise. But don’t scoff just yet, because walking is one versatile workout, and is probably the simplest method of maintaining good health. It’s easy to do, very convenient and costs absolutely nothing.

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1..2..3.. WALK!

Walking for just 30 minutes every day has been shown to expend double the bodyweight in terms of calories burned. And due to walking’s ability to have a residual burning effect, one continues to burn calories from your carbohydrates, even when at rest.

To start your journey to wellness, put on your good walking footwear. Your rough guide to choosing the right footwear should be to opt for a quality shoe that will encourage good striding form, and because walking is an exercise that impacts the whole body, a good pair of shoes should be able to prevent trauma and fatigue to your back, knees and feet.

The Benefits of Walking

  •  Improves muscle tone: By walking, all your muscles get a workout, improving hteir tone and flexibility.
  •  Elevates mood: Walking produces the happy hormone Endorphin, which is a natural painkiller and stress reliever.
  •  Improves heart and lung health: Becasue this exercise improves the body’s ability to utilize oxygen, the heart becomes stronger to sustain your increased activity, and lung function is optimized by strengthening the muscles used for breathing.
  •  Boosts the immune system: The human blood is where your foreign-fighting lymphocytes and whit blood cells are found. By promoting the circulation of blood and oxygen to the whole body, walking strengthens the immune system.
  •  Maintains the strength of the bones: Osteoporosis is prevented because this is a kind of physiological change walking could stop. The bones get stronger when used often, and walking regularly helps in doing just that.
  • Helps in losing excess body fat: Walking is an all-around workout. It is a form of exercise which boosts metabolism to burn the unwanted calories faster.

The secret to implementing a good walking program is to stick with it without fail on an every day basis, for about 30 minutes. The body is patterned in a manner where it fuctions well when it is constantly moved. Walking will not only help you on your goal towards fast weight loss, it will also improve your life physchologically and emotionally. It’s about as easy as breathing, and it doesn’t cost a dime. What are you sitting there for? Take the first step!


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