Your Ultimate Crash Diet Guide To Lose Weight Fast

Either fueled by the notion that being slimmer is best or because of health concerns, losing weight has become somewhat of a universal need these days. Nobody ever wants to lose weight slowly, everyone wants to do it the fast way, the easy way, the effortless way. And with that in mind, crash diets were made, and because of the number of people desiring to shed off the extra pounds as fast as possible, they have gained immense popularity and a huge number of crash diets have invaded the market, all promising to deliver fast weight loss like no other diet can.


Crash Diets usually revolve around the principle that severely restricting either protein, carbs or fats in the diet can result to a fast weight loss. While this isn’t entirely true, and is definitely unhealthy, we give you the ultimate guide to crash dieting. The methods mentioned below are less extreme, marginally safer and guarantees results all the same. Have fun trying them out!

 Your Guide To Ultimate Crash Dieting

  • Fill up on salads, anything starchy is out, but protein is in. Just choose the lean meats.
  • Weigh and measure the food you eat. Learn to count calories.
  • No to processed foods, and watch out for emotional eating.
  • Practice portion control, or better yet, extreme portion control. The protein in every meal should just fit into the palm of one hand. 
  • Drink lots of water and say goodbye to fizzy and caffeinated drinks. Carbonated beverages are loaded with empty calories.
  • Try some meal replacements. A protein shake for your afternoon snack will just be alright.
  • Exercise. Or if you complain you don’t have the time, walk. Everywhere. I mean it.

Some crash diets take it as far as advising individuals to consume only a particular food, like the grapefruit diet, or the cabbage soup diet. Remember, these diets are potentially dangerous, and though the water weight you will lose will guarantee that you will be able to fit into the dress or jeans you bought in a less period of time, will the diet’s effects on your health be worth it? 

To lose weight fast, there is no substitute to a balanced diet and regular exercise. I mean, sure, you’ve heard many Hollywood actresses claim this so-and-so crash diet worked for them, but keep in mind that just because it worked for them doesn’t mean it will for you. Nevertheless, crash diets do provide a relatively successful way of shedding of the pounds in a short period. Though it is always best to consult a nutritionist or medical professional before trying out any kind of crash diet.

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