Goldie Hawn’s Diet and Exercise Tips: Staying Fit For Decades

December 12, 2010

Celebrity Weight Loss

She’s definitely got something to shout about. It has been more than three decades since she tickled our funny bones on Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In, but at 65, she has still kept the glow that turns heads and powers passion. The mom of Hollywood Stars Kate and Oliver Hudson has kept her curves in control with her diet and exercise routine, making her a true timeless beauty.

"I don’t have a strict regimen, I do it with a lot of variety." Goldie says. "I eat healthy, but my exercise routine is really varied."

goldie-hawn.jpgGoldie Hawn’s diet follows the grazing strategy, where mini meals are consumed throughout the day, increasing her metabolism and burns a lot of calories. She also avoids too much refined sugar and also cuts back on red meat even though she’s not vegetarian.

Goldie Hawn’s exercise routine is an ever-changing mix of dancing, yoga, walking, in-line skating and weight training.

"It depends on the amount of time I have." She says. "Sometimes I have 15 minutes to spare and sometimes I have 2 hours. I use my time accordingly."

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