Isla Fisher’s Diet and Exercise: Having Such Wonderful Genes!

December 14, 2010

Celebrity Weight Loss

She has perfected the complex art of turning heads and keeping pulses galloping. Scottish-Australian Actress Isla Fisher, star of the movie Confessions of A Shopaholic has got a lot to confess about, particularly on how she regained her knockout body barely four moths after giving birth. The petite stunner wears maturity and motherhood as easily as the slinky gown she slithers into for her red carpet events.

"Do I work out? Yes, but not religiously. I know it sounds cliche, but I’ve been blessed with good genes." She shares. "I’ve never been a sporty person, I’m more of a bookworm, but I’m fortunate enough to not like junk food. I just don’t like the taste of it."

isla_fisher.jpgIsla Fisher’s diet follows portion control, in which there are no food restrictions of any kind, as long as she watches out for serving size and total caloric content of the food she consumes.

"I don’t follow any fancy diet, I just eat a lot of veggies and salmon." Isla says. "I can’t do dieting, I just have to control how much I eat."

She’s not a fan of exercise and credits her petite frame to good genes, but when she shot the movie Confessions, she had to lose her post-baby weight fast.

"Jerry Bruckheimer, the film’s producer, hired me a personal trainer." Isla shares. "He gave me this long list of foods to avoid and got me working out three times a week."

Isla Fisher’s exercise routine during that time included cardio workouts as well as weight and strength training.

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