Go On a Diet for a Limited Period of Time Only

July 14, 2010

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Dieters live life in the fasting lane.~Author Unknown

Every time you go on a diet, remember to go off of it too. It amazes me that there are people who diet and diet, even if they stop getting results. If a diet stops working for you, more of the same diet won’t help you lose more weight.

Non-stop dieting is unhealthy. Your body needs a break from time to time, and this goes double if you are using extreme weight loss diets, or crash diets to lose weight. They will work wonders at first, but soon enough it will be impossible to lose weight using them. Your body get’s used to the super drastic diet, slows down your metabolism and tries to preserve as much energy as it can. This means game over for your weight loss plans. Losing weight from that point forward will be a true hell. So please avoid going on a diet forever.

Of course there are also healthy diets. But those aren’t really diets. They don’t restrict your caloric intake that much. All they do is teach you healthy eating habits. On these diets you never feel physical hunger, maybe just emotional hunger. By avoiding starving your body, healthy lifestyle diets help you speed up your metabolism and burn more fat in the long run. Quite the contrary effect of the unhealthy diets.

Each time you use a diet that requires you to endure physical hunger to lose weight, you shouldn’t follow it for extended periods of time. They are best used for achieving some fast weight loss results or getting over weight loss plateaus. They are especially effective for getting over a weight loss plateau, if your main weight loss solution is a healthy one.

If you decide to use a crash diet, use it as long as you see major results but mo longer than 2 weeks. Also don’t use crash diets more than 3 times a year. Make sure at least 3 months pass between using the next crash diet. This will prevent you from enduring all sort of health problems related to crash dieting, the worst of it being weight gain.

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