Gisele Bundchen’s Diet and Exercise Tips: Get Fit After Giving Birth

December 4, 2010

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The world’s highest paid supermodel as hailed by Forbes is none other than knockout beauty Gisele Bündchen. This 5 foot 10 inches former Victoria’s Secret Angel, who’s partly responsible for global warming because of her sizzling hot bod, gave birth to her child last December but was able to get back to her lean physique in no time.

"I kept myself in shape during the whole pregnancy." Gisele shares. "Eating healthily, meditating and doing exercises."

Gisele-Bundchen.jpgGisele Bundchen’s diet practices portion control because the model doesn’t believe in depriving herself with foods she wants to eat. Rather, she prefers indulging in these treats, but watches out for the serving size and caloric content.

"If you don’t put gas in the car, it’s going to stop. Similarly with my body." Gisele says. "If I don’t eat, I’m going to die. I eat whatever I want to eat because I don’t want to faint on the runway."

Included in Gisele Bundchen’s exercise routine are weight lifting, strength and circuit training to help tone up certain muscles of her body. After her pregnancy, she started to practice Yoga at least thrice every week to improve control over compulsive eating habits.

Gisele is reportedly quite athletic, and enjoys playing soccer and volleyball while she points out that exercises need not be boring.

 “I just need a beach and a ball to be happy." Gisele says with a disarming smile.

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