Eva Longoria’s Diet and Exercise Tips: Staying Beautiful and Fit

December 2, 2010

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Desperate Housewife, she’s not. Admit it, We all watch Eva Longoria and think, does this woman always look THAT hot? The dusky, doe-eyed stunner has been famous for strutting her stuff down the red carpet, georgissimo looks, killer body and all. The 35 year old star and former aerobics instructor reveals she works out a lot for her knockout bod and that it is a combination of discipline and a lot of sacrifices.

"I dont work out to be skinny." Eva shares. "I work out because it makes me feel better, healthier. I’m not even obsessed with my diet. I love fish and vegetables, but the occasional pizza is fine, as long as it’s in moderation."

eva-longoria2.jpgEva Longoria’s diet makes use of portion control, understanding that serving size plays a part in total caloric content. 

Some of Eva’s favorite foods are leafy greens, and although she eats a lot, it’s usually the right food.

"A strict diet is not on the agenda." Eva says. "Anyway I work out a lot,  and I actually eat pretty healthily anyway."

Eva Longoria’s exercise routine consists of strength training, weight training, plus kickboxing cardio and yoga.

She also does 25 and 30 body exercises such as lunges with torso twists, squats, leg presses for the butt and one-legged squats.

"Exercising is no problem for me, I was a very sporty kid growing up in Mexico." Eva says. "I did basketball, gymnastics, cheerleading… everything. So it’s in me to be healthy."

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