Eva Mendes’ Diet and Exercise Tips: Be the Next Maxim’s Cover Girl

She’s 5 foot 6 inches, brown-eyed and hailed as One of The World’s Hottest by Maxim. She’s Eva Mendes, and she’s smoking hot! She exudes sex appeal and confidence like there’s no tomorrow. This Latina has graced our movie screens for several years now and she’s not done yet. Here are Eva’s secrets for her fabulous physique.

"I’m accepting with my body and I have a good relationship with it." Eva says. "I’m very healthy looking, I’ve never fallen under the skinny mold. I love my curves, that’s a very healthy self-image."

Eva Mendes’ diet is adhered to the famous 5 factor eating plan designed by Harley Pasternak.The 5 factor diet is about losing weight safely by eating 5 small meals a day, following 5 criteria for each meal, using 5 ingredients, having 1 "cheat" day and working out for 25 minutes five times a week.

Eva-Mendes.jpgEva Mendes’ diet plan typically contains protein, healthy carbohydrates, healthy fats, fiber and a lot of water. But on her "cheat" day, she allows herself to consume her favorite “cheat foods”, like chocolate and ice cream. This allows her to relax her eating habits once a week by eliminating sense of deprivation while maintaining motivation to stick to the diet.

Eva Mendes’ exercise routine includes weightlifting, lots of cardio and strength training to tone her body and firm up her muscles. She also enjoys activities like hiking, walking and dancing and does Yoga four times a week.

Eva’s daily workouts combine cardio warm ups, one upper body exercise, one lower body exercise and another for the abdomen. She continues to see results by alternating the physical activity chosen for each day.

"I’m very womanly." Eva shares with a laugh. "I’ve learned to love my body whether I’m 7 pounds lighter or 7 pounds heavier."

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